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The Sheila V. Mission
SVM ReDesign Your Life America
The SV Zing Team Freedom Fund


Our effort is to convince people by the thousands to take advantage of the
Freedom Fund, and we will. Mass participation can effectively and immediately
begin reducing poverty while restoring the economy. Simply put:

    •        A person donates $110 to a worthwhile charity (SVM ReDesign
    Your Life America).

    •        The Freedom Fund pays that effort forward by fully funding $330 to
    that contributor, if and only when he or she requests membership into
    SizzleZING, a US based online advertisement company. (To request
    membership click The SV Zing Team link below the donation button.)

    •        New members must invite at least one person into the
    membership for eligibility into the company’s Referral Bonus Pool. The
    Zing Team maintains a waiting list of people wanting membership into
    the company, so if a new member doesn’t personally know of anyone,
    they can request the next person on the waiting list to be their invitee.

    •        Each new member is also counted as one advertising package

    •        To benefit fully from The Referral Bonus Pool, each member need
    only have 16 to 20 new invites. It takes 16 to 20 invitees/advertising
    packages sold for one member to complete their journey through the
    system that tracks the number of invites made by each member. We call
    this system “The Matrix.”

    •        Completing the journey means reaching “Infinity.” Reaching infinity
    earns you a bonus payment/compensation of $7,764 that is generated
    continuously, for as long as you are a member of the company.

    •        The SV Zing Team provides the 16-20 invitees per person for each
    member from their waiting list, as well as, strategically places each
    member on the boards as they move through the system, ensuring
    each participant reaches infinity within a timely manner.

    •        After a contributor to SVM chooses to become a member of
    SizzleZING, they are sent a Referral Link from a member of the Zing
    Team via email with instructions on how to set up their profile and
    eWallet account where all future bonuses/compensation are paid into.

The karmic reward for your contribution to charity is a 6958% increase from that
of your donation
. SVM will finally have the funds it’s needed to complete its
mission and you will benefit from Infinity.
Everybody Wins!

Disclaimer: There are absolutely no guarantees . . . but this is how the system
works. For greater details please continue reading!


One of our objectives here at SVM ReDesign Your Life America is to formally
educate and instruct our program participants on how to master healthy,
wealthy and worldly lifestyles to which we feel everyone is entitled. Our
roadmap to achieving financial success will not only help you succeed in
business but develop and market yourself as a business.


The objective of SVM teaming up with the SV Zing Team is to make it worth your
while to allow us to put you on the path to receiving. We offer training and
workshops for learning social etiquette and the professional development of
your presentation skills. We intend for your experience with us to be nothing if
not fun, build your confidence, raise your self-esteem and help you diminish
your insecurities. In addition to the training calls and workshops we offer, "The
1st 10" founders of The Zing Team are educators, spiritual counselors,
business consultants and life coaches who will also be available during
business hours for one-on-one consultations to guide you through everyday life.

Early in the month of November 2013, The SV Zing Team teamed up with Team
300 and now consist of over 200 individuals from the United Kingdom, through
the United States, by way of New York, Florida, Georgia, California, and down
under into Australia, of the most talented and supportive people anyone could
bring to a table. Together we have become The SV Zing Team 300 and so is
our  creative collaborative effort, The SV Zing Team Freedom Fund and SVM.




The business platform we decided upon for training in online social media marketing and business
development is an all-in-one social marketing system called It delivers a fully integrated
power suite of five web-based applications that synergistically work together to help you grow your network,
fully develop your online presence and grow your business to success in one place. But let's back up for a
moment . . . the by-way to SocialZing is SizzleZING. is an online advertising company offering membership to purchase and post ads and
banners for your business, as well as benefit from everyone you invite in to do the same. This is where the
opportunity comes in to build our collective of
people helping people to help themselves.


The SV Zing Team Freedom Fund is established by the practice of SuSu Funding and used by people in
need of financial assistance to cover the
total cost of membership into SizzleZING, thus benefitting from its
services, support and referral bonus pool.

To become a member with SizzleZing you must pay a
one-time fee of $330. However, if you make a
minimum donation to
SVM for $110, The SV Zing Team will send you an invitation link via email to become
a member of the Team and absorb your
total cost.

To clarify, donations to SVM will give them an opportunity to provide personal and professional training for
their program participants. SVM does not benefit directly from anyone's use of the Freedom Fund; however,
the Freedom Fund does give SVM's program participants and contributors to the program an opportunity to
benefit from the business platform the Zing Team uses to provide the latest training on how to develop your
business online. For those reasons, your donation is appreciated and involvement with SizzleZING is
Risk Free.

SVM is a non-profit corporation in the process of applying for 501 (c) 3 tax-exemption status.
Until we receive IRS approval, your contributions
will not be tax deductible.

                   To make a donation to SVM click here or on the Donation button above.


Once you've made your donation to SVM, click the link in the blue area below the donation button to send
your request for membership with SizzleZING and entry into their system matrix. You will be notified within
48 hours by a member of The Zing Team if there are any questions regarding your submission.
allow up to 4 weeks for processing.
Afterwards, you will receive an invitation link via email permitting you
entry into the system and strategic placement onto the 1st of 3 boards. Specifically, the structure SizzleZING
uses is called a 2x2 Forced Rotator Matrix that automatically re-enters you onto the 1st board after you've
advanced to the next, then the next. As you will have been fully funded to benefit from your membership, any
compensation/bonus you receive could be accepted as a just reward for your generous contribution to
charity. At the same time, SizzleZING itself is a legal U.S. based, for-profit business and will provide you a
1099 should you receive any earnings.


SizzleZING is a direct sales, network marketing company but its Referral Bonus Pool sometimes receives
the same criticisms before given a closer look. After 6 weeks of intense research, the advice of 4 attorneys
and remembering my own 30 years of experience working with MLMs, I've concluded the following: Similar
structures of the past didn't work because:

They ran so many levels deep, the people at the bottom never saw the top and were unsustainable
because eventually people ran out of people to share with in their experience.

1) The matrix used for the Referral Bonus Pool/Compensation Plan uses 3 boards that only run 3 levels
deep so participants find themselves on top more often than not.
2) The SV Zing Team uses a salaried staff to strategically place participants in line with each other to
ensure equal share in benefits for everyone enrolled.
3) The SV Zing Team believes every household would gain from SizzleZING's membership, products and
services, so our goal to sustain our efforts is to, by every means, giving every household that chance. Click
on Benefits to see our plan of approach.

The more people helping people benefit from the service, support, training, counseling and matrix system
offered within this collective effort, the less people will need help in the foreseeable future.
Turning Bases Into Places to End Poverty and Homelessness
An Optimal Plan for Dedicated Resources
O Social Etiquette &
Prof. Development
O  Motivation &
O  Online Social
Media Marketing
O  Creative Financing
Business Development

Business Hours
Mon - Fri    9a - 7p     
Saturdays  10a - 6p

1) Click here to go to the Donations page of this website then, scroll down to click the Donation button.

2) Once you've completed your transaction click
The SV Zing Team link in the blue box to record your
transaction and submit your request to become a member of The Zing team. Also, use this space to send
addition information.

Note: You may include multiple donations in one payment but must fill out 1 form per person representing
that donation. (Example: donation $220 requires one form filled out and submitted for Jack Sprat and one
form filled out and submitted for Cindy Celery).

We also welcome all your questions and comments. A member of our administrative staff will confirm your
submission within 24-48 hrs.

Thank you!
The SV Zing Team Freedom Fund
A sad songstress, mad musician, frustrated florist, bad mouth beautician, corporate exec or housekeepings best, no less than success is what you'll have when you leave!
My dream is to educate, train, heal and entertain all who need the empowerment to accomplish peace, prosperity and complete happiness in this life, as ordained by the Creator Spirit of this universe.
It's important that each and everyone of us realize we don't have to suffer misfortune alone. The Sheila V. Mission will always be there to hold your hand and walk you through the next step.
Told that I didn't look like I should be homeless, my daughter's and I were forced to relocate more than 30 times over 13 years. A person shouldn't have to look like they need a home to deserve one.
The 1.5 million acres owned by my family will provide immediate shelter and all necessary accommodations for people devistated by natural disasters.



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