Sheila V.
A sad songstress, mad musician, frustrated florist, bad mouth beautician, corporate exec or housekeepings best, no less than success is what you'll have when you leave!
My dream is to educate, train, heal and entertain all who need the empowerment to accomplish peace, prosperity and complete happiness in this life, as ordained by the Creator Spirit of this universe.
It's important that each and everyone of us realize we don't have to suffer misfortune alone. The Sheila V. Mission will always be there to hold your hand and walk you through the next step.
Housing the Homeless~Feeding the Hungry~Healing the Sick~Counseling, Training & Employing
People in Need~Under One Roof
The Sheila V. Mission
SVM ReDesign Your Life America
The Mission
The mission of SVM ReDesign Your Life America is to develop a town-size compound of several small
communities that will provide refuge and reform for individuals, single parent and veteran families suffering
from extreme poverty and on the verge of homelessness.

The plan is to implement a series of 2 year programs designed to formally educate its participants on how
to master life skills for creating healthy, wealthy and worldly lifestyles. Predominately for women, participants
will be educated on how to maintain a positive home life environment, capitalize on their economic
strengths, and build success in business guaranteed to create individual, financial securities that will also
stimulate economic growth in America.

Operating with military base level efficiency, prior service military base operations professionals will oversee
programs designed by military and civilian experts in every area of urban development, economics and
advancement in technology.  Veterans are invited to return to familiar surroundings, in a peacetime effort to
increase economic prosperity by increasing the number of quality business manager and owners coming
from humble origins.

In basic military style, SVM will provide intensified training in each program participants' field of interest to
ensure dedication to the completion of the program, guarantee competency and assure competitive
advantages in the service industry, jobs in high demand, and a number of niche markets.

An optimal plan for dedicated resources, SVM's ReDesign Your Life America program can be the
one-size-fits-all model used to end extreme poverty nation-wide and hopefully, someday on a global scale.
Told that I didn't look like I should be homeless, my daughter's and I were forced to relocate more than 30 times over 13 years. A person shouldn't have to look like they need a home to deserve one.
Turning Bases Into Places to End Poverty and Homelessness
An Optimal Plan for Dedicated Resources
The 1.5 million acres owned by my family will provide immediate shelter and all necessary accommodations for people devistated by natural disasters.